October 1, 2009

fangs a lot, stephanie meyers

Ok. So.
I just finished reading the last book of the Twilight series, after reading the previous 3 novels. Now, while I take teenage vampire epic love stories about as seriously as I take the antics of Scientology (e.g. not very much at all), I will say it was a satisfying ending to an engrossing enough teen novel. It took me a few months of putting it down for a while and then going back to it, but I read all four of the damn books, so that tells you that much.

I forget where I was going with this, other than the fact that I'm trying to put myself to bed so I can be a functional person in the morning, but now I'm too preoccupied on thoughts of how I'm going to die alone.
Yeah, thanks a lot, Stephanie Meyers.

Be warned, people who let curiosity get the better of them and read way-hyped books like the Twilight series:
You may very well be ridden with panic attacks about your own mortality and "alonitude." I ain't getting any younger and I ain't getting any lovelier and I really don't think I'm getting any smarter either. All roads lead to prolly gonna die alone. Damn damn damn.

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TRONMomma said...

I always try to combat the not-getting-smarter issue by catching some episodes of Jeopardy, or perhaps reading some Trivial Pursuit cards. Maybe it helps??