October 12, 2009

little room

Today was the closing day for the season for Governor's Island, a state park that's an island right in between Dumbo, Brooklyn and the bottom tip of Manhattan. I was first alerted to its existence amongst many unfulfilled promises of picnics at such a magical and free-o-charge park away from the city smog and noisy noise.
It's an abandoned island owned by NYC that features sprawling green lawns, several colonial style houses, some victorian/suburban-looking homes, one church, one synagogue, one theater, a school, some other weird buildings and several piers and bike trails, and a whole lot of gnats and porta-potties. All abandoned.
It's like going to a huge open-house but it's on an entire uninhabited island.

I guess it was pretty magical. I did not bring a picnic. Damn.


Simone said...

did you go all the way to the empty swimming pool? kyle and i found large black bags hiding underneath it. it could have been anything, but to us, it was the perfect crime!

Shannnn said...

holy shit i DO love you!

your sarcasm inspires me