October 21, 2009

me love you for perfunctory moment in time wherein I am otherwise distracted from how heinous you are

Things I can't do because I'm an Asian female and it might be weird and then I would feel weird about how others perceive me, but one day I might actually want to and not have people look at me funny and assume things about who I am:

Like wearing funny hats.

Why does this look "fierce" and chic on these non-asians? I must figure this out. Or I'll never get to wear a funny hat. And that would be pretty upsetting I think.


Simone said...

once i have don't have three knit projects going on at once, i'll make you something cuter than cute.

with evil eyes and blood.

red newsom said...

i want a cute asian hat

(oh)joneses said...

you know when tyra is explaining the smiling with your eyes? well all of the people in exhibit A are smiling, even if only with their eyes. except for the bottom row. looking as though you just shat your pants, are shocked or stoned will make anyone look silly in their bear hat.

so don't smile, find a dark room and a high flash. don't leave the first fierce position you find for the rest of the night.