October 30, 2009

throw it in ze bag

The original Lanvin satin cabas tote is $785.

I made one sort of kind of just like it and it was $10 and about 2 frustrating hours of my life. But mine has mink poms, which is obviously superior to the Lanvin version/everything.

These photos actually make it look better/more functional than it really is. I won't get into details how retarded my hack-sewing job is. I may attempt round deux with a bunch of cream colored satin I was gifted as well.

Either way, oversize shiny yellow tote bag, you are mine!


Simone said...

me likey!

(oh)joneses said...

are you having trouble with it not being very supportive? (the bag) Because duck-backing or another type of heavy canvas material sewn in between the layers of satin before stitching will make it super strong for you.