November 9, 2009

easy tiger

I found a cool t-shirt template to place mock-ups onto before I print tees. It really makes the design on the tee look realistic with the use of Photoshop and every color imaginable of American Apparel tees. Which I don't actually print on, but oh well, it seems to be the industry standard.

I don't know if this should be a graphic I go for, considering I don't know for how much longer Henry Holland-channeling text-based graphics can be cool and in-demand. I just thought it'd be cool to see.

It was an amusing tool to distract me while I fret about income security. Do I take the secure day job in a field I don't care about that's been offered to me, or do I take a risk on a high-paying gig in a career field I am kind of interested in, and then probably have to pursue another gig again in a month...

...Fret fret fret!


Oh here's some again, for a t-shirt project in the works


(oh)joneses said...

I'm going to be forward here. My birthday is coming up and I want that it's not you it's me tshirt. because its awesomesauce with a side of big mac mystery sauce.

(oh)joneses said...

/\ that's why i shouldn't drunk internet.