November 30, 2009

look like me looking at you

After one year of being accused of being hipster, I've decided on a whim to change up the prevalent offender to this labeling. Considering I don't drink PBR (or at all), I don't have a bicycle, or asymmetrical hair, tatts, piercings, or any air of cool disaffection, it would be wrong to presume an image that might even slightly suggest this. 
As Michael Cunningham pointed out in one of my favorite novels (the autographed copy of which I stupidly lent to some bygone courtier that I never go back damnit) if you don't look like you that's when you start having problems. Everything is wrong for you. You have the wrong hair and then you get the wrong job, the wrong relationships, the wrong life.

Granted, the Brooklyn breed of hipster varies greatly (and most of them are decent folk even if they look like their record collection is better than your record collection), I'd just rather separate myself completely. Why blend in with the locals when you don't really participate in 60% of what they're into?

Okay so these glasses. Maybe they don't have to go completely, but after I suggested I'd been frame-shopping, 3 people have already responded with variations of "Oh you're getting rid of those hideous clunky eye-bobs you call glasses? COOL, BOUT TIME." 


Anyway, when I got them I chose them on a whim and thought they had character. Which they do. I've also just discovered via google that they are Chloe Sevigny's choice for looking intelligent and such (most the press about her glasses is negative). I've also spotted many mans wearing the same frames in different colorings (because they are dude frames after all). Also the only times I get random dudes hitting on me on the subway or wherever is when I'm wearing them. But like, crazy-looking dudes. I do get compliments on them and I think they look good on me, but they are definitely "character" pieces. 

Without getting totally lame frames from a Cohen's Optical or Lenscrafters I went back to the same East Village shop where I got my crazy-looking frames and found these awesome cat-eye deals. Cat eye frames are a classic retro shape, right? And they will make me look like a sexy librarian, right? I can get behind that. And how!

After the rent check clears and the govt-aid comes in. Then they can be budgeted onto my face. 

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Simone said...

i mean, the whole hipster thing isn't bad. just don't catch the attitude!

in the future, i'm not saying you have it right now.