November 16, 2009

Nothing to be done

So I impulse purchased this coat from the Normal Kamali line at $35. Couldn't argue with that.
What I can argue with is the 100% poly-fill and the Hefty aesthetics.

It's like when Target did that GO International line with rotating designers. Except it failed.

Soooooo.... ebay?


3 Story Design said...

I'd like to see it in person, but so far I like the hefty bag look. The collar on the other hand needs some work- maybe attach some fur to it...yeah if were a fur collar the look would be luxe and edgy, but as it is...meh.

Simone said...


adam said...

the corridor behind you looks like it is stretching away to infinity
(while also being really thin)

HolyshitiLoveyou said...

It is a very narrow hallway actually. The old rail-road style apartments have weird structures.

tiana b. said...

I like it.
I don't really give Wal-Mart a chance.
I totally forgot about Target's "Go" line.