November 22, 2009

Too hotot to trotot


I can't really tell if he likes me yet. He just seems to hide out in his cage when people are around. But he lets himself be held without much complaint so far. Adrian surprised me with an early xmas gift (I guess these kinds of bunns were going fast). Much like my birthday, I was of course completely oblivious for the past couple months and everyone was in on it. After several failed birthday/holiday surprises of the past, I have to agree that ignorance is bliss.
After a semi-annoying day, I lost it and went totally mental when I saw the cage with the bunn, down the hall.

Mochi is a show-breed (a dwarf hotot). He even came with a family tree complete with breeder info and serial numbers to prove it. The only showing I intend to do with him is to me and my friends I guess. THere's a tattoo in his ear that looks like "SOY" but it's really "60T."

His talents include posing, being really quiet, twitching his nose lightning-quick and tucking his body into a perfect egg shape (with ears).


adam said...

too hot to foxtrot

Pippi LePip said...

I love his disapproving look!

gimme dat.