December 25, 2009

I might kiss you on the back of your neck because it's xmas time!

Xmas at my parents' house with their big mom&dad-sized flatscreen HD television. Upon which I can watch such quality programs as BBC on demand (How come their sci fi shows have way crappier FX than American sci fi shows?) and Metalocalypse on Adult Swim.

Like I said,
Merry Christmas.

Do nice things!
Reconcile stuff!
Wear bad sweaters!
Eat your greens!
Wash your hair!


ryan said...

jesus loves you

adam said...

quiet voice

Pip Squeak said...

Speak up, shy Ron-nay.

HolyshitiLoveyou said...

Hahaha the input on my lappy mic through Quicktime is so low!

adam said...

also: the BBC uses tax money to fund its programme making which means it does not have lots of money to spend on fx, but this also means there are fewer script writers which makes for better scripts.
in the uk we have better imaginations

M said...

smoke your greens ***

anastasheeka said...

happy christmas to you :)