December 15, 2009

lets just say I'm sitting in the right chair

Oh COOL, Brooklyn Industries! I see we're finishing each others sentences now... except I SAID IT FIRST. 


And a dinosaur. A T-Rex. Seriously??? They don't fucking eat carrots, nonetheless GIANT carrots. Nor do they eat vegetables, if Jurassic Park has taught me anything. They eat animals. Living things with blood and meat. They do not eat underground root vegetables that I'm really not certain actually were around in prehistoric times. As for locality, I'm also quite sure they eat whoever/whatever is alive and within striking distance. But what do I know, eh?

I know that zombies eat people. People within grab-and-bite distance. Happy meals with legs. Get it? Ingest what is in close proximal distance to your person AKA Eat Local. The joke isn't funny if you have to explain it. Except when you're contrasting how your interpretation of the words is superior to a dinosaur with a giant carrot clutched in its baby vestigial arms. Then it's just retarded.

I don't have that big an ego to suggest that I'm a notorious enough presence on the internet that BKI would seek me out to rip off. But considering I submitted my work to them recently as a t-shirt graphics artist, I just can't be doling out benefits of a doubt like government cheese, now can I.
I mean, same color shirt too. Probably the same style considering I know we wholesale from the same company. COME ON.

I could be alright with it, had they taken the sentiment and made it 10 times more clever (No less than 6 times as clever). I would have just silently fumed with envy and held my tongue. Good show, old chap, etc. But no. You took it and you Rodney Kinged the shit out of it with the ugly stick.
Bravo, Brooklyn Industries. There's a reason I broke up with you. Thanks for reminding me.


adam said...

having your ideas stolen by nasty companies is the contemporary sign of a true creative

ryan said...

brittany wallace

Anonymous said...

i hate looking at that shirt. everyday. i'm not signing in because i don't want them to track me down.

HolyshitiLoveyou said...

The scary thing is they will!
Track you down, I mean.