December 22, 2009

a little sincerity is a dangerous thing, and a great deal is absolutely fatal

New prints in the shop:

Remember that part in Love Actually where that dude has a crush on Keira Knightly but she's married to his bestie so he tells her in some Nouveau-John Cusack method via poster board on Christmas?

Now you can do that! You can be that guy being Alter-John Cusack!

2-color print in a series of 12 all sign, numbered and blessed by me so you can go out in the world and woo the crap out of anyone. Or just to say something nice.
And not just on Xmas. WHENEVER. WHEREVER. FOREVER.
Hand-printed, so slight variations are happening with the double-effect of colors.
Not responsible for broken hearts.

And here is some other graphic anomaly. Is that just clever line formations? Or some Magic 3D Eye trick thingy (remember those)? But wait- there's a message...

Both are $15. And might get to you by Xmas (If you live in the tri-state area).


Simone said...

whoa craziness.

me likey.

M said...

yo quiero yo quiero