January 30, 2010

all I wanna hear is the message beep

I heard this playing at the H&M on 5th and 42nd. The funny thing about H&M is that their store music is supplied by a satellite radio station so every H&M (at least in the range of the station) is playing the same music at the same time. 

I immediately went home and researched this cover. There's nothing I love more than genre-breaching covers. Maybe a really well executed red velvet cake. MAYBE. They could be neck and neck at this point.

This cover of Gorillaz' Feel Good Inc is by some lady named Skye, from London, I believe. Further proof that England is like the cooler version of New York (but also the version that goes to bed earlier and is more high maintenance).
I distinctly remember silly dance parties to this song in Kevin's apartment sophomore year. Feel good times indeed!

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