January 14, 2010

debate class

I'm sorry, but what kind of monster rolls under?!
If you go to a hotel, you will see-- the correct way to roll according to hotel etiquette is OVER for Christ's sake! They even make it a point to emphasize the overness with a little folded corner.

Rolling under tells the world that not only do you have no manners, you probably have low self esteem and have basically given up on ever fulfilling your dreams and living up to your potential. Rolling under is a sure sign of a chump. If you have guests over, they will be baffled and then probably become aggravated at your sheer dumb inconsideration.

I guess most of America agrees, however that 17%- WHAT HAVE YOU DONE???

If you roll under and I come over and pee in your house, I WILL switch it to roll over, and you know what? YOU. WON'T. EVEN. NOTICE!

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