January 9, 2010

if only you weren't the way that you are

You would probably say the things you were really thinking, if for no other reason than you get a kick out of yourself.
You would probably get up with a purpose, early.
You might wear your hair up more often and brush it every once in a while.
You would eat your vegetables and drink less coffee.
You could practice being on time.
You could smile more and swear less.
You could mean it.
You could really give a shit this time around.
You would make more of an effort than you do a fuss.
You would definitely not settle for anything less than spectacular.
You could call me just to say hello.
You could say you miss me.
You could say you like my perfume.
You could remember my name.
You should call me.
Even if it's just to say you miss me.