January 4, 2010

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This is a photo by my very attractive friend, Luke Chase.

"Was I deceiv’d, or did a sable cloud / Turn forth her silver lining on the night?"

~John Milton (The guy who wrote Paradise Lost)

This is supposedly where the phrase "silver lining" originated from, Ian tells me. And my name's in it! Cool. I am a cloud.
Ian also told me that John Milton went blind before writing Paradise Lost, dictating the lot of it. Maybe he was blind, but it sure made for a classic read, perhaps better than if he had been seeing his own written words and not hearing himself speak them. Silver lining indeed!

Speaking of silver linings, cloud or shoe!?

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Freckles said...


My name is Claire and I live in France.
I really love your collection, and I'm about to create mine too, (which i will sell in France so I won't be a concurrent!), and I would like to know where you made produced them or if you made them by yourselve...

Thanks and congrat I think you did a great job!

PS :I don't manage to contact you by the site coroflot, so it's the only way I found, my email is : freckles.dreammaker@gmail.com