February 2, 2010

big hair and polyester


So I've had this ongoing recording project with an internet pal. He write sixties-inspired pop music and when I am being cooperative, we get together and record demos. Here is one song we recorded on his super sweet analog recording system. The studio even had wood paneling on the walls, classic.
It's like VHS all over again. Mixtapes and such. It's a really cool process to record analog as opposed to digital-- more satisfying as well, more handcrafted. There's less fussing about, less electronic distraction. You can really hear the human element of every instrument and such. I think that's the reason people who were born merely a quarter century ago feel justified in saying "Music today is crap! [Some other decade other than this one]'s music was WAYY better quality" even though they weren't technically fully grown people yet.

I don't think music today is crap. I don't think yesterday's music is crap. I guess it all depends on what type of music influenced you-- made you realize what music means. I could tell you names of folks I know who swear only by classical stuff. So they wouldn't approve of music made in the last century even. What an awful existence.

I do appreciate "throw-back" modern bands like She & Him, Mazzy Stay, or even that album Pete Yorn did with Scar-Jo (not the Tom Waits cover album), that capture that old timey sterling quality of music. I might've been reaching for that during recording since, truth be told, I'm not very familiar with actual 60s music at all. I just like Tarantino soundtracks and anything you'd hear in a Spaghetti Western. I wasn't even entirely confident when Andrew asked me to start this recording project with him, after listening to my joke of a Myspace music page, but since I can't ever turn down an opportunity to make good music, I accepted! Even though I haven't really ever done that before! (I don't really count garage band covers since it's not original material).

If you think you can't do it, do it anyway until people find out you were lying about knowing how to do it. That's what I always say!

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