February 24, 2010

the drum the drums the drums

I'll Cliffnotes it for ya:
Named after the 2010  Chinese New Year, Year of The Tiger sent a sultry electro track that reminds me of one of my beloved Goldfrapp’s tracks, “Strict Machine” but with more of a rock edge to it.
Year of The Tiger is Sable & Henry who appear to have only started producing music together since December of 09.  In a word, “WOW”.   Excellent production adorns all their tracks, and Sable’s voice has that bit of edge that I always love from a vocalist.   You don’t know if she wants to beat you up or wants to seduce you, but either way it’s going to be exciting.

 I like the WOW in all-caps. I believe all sorts of declarations should be made in all-caps. But mostly WOW.

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