February 5, 2010

every second that you run away makes me miss you more and more

The last time I saw this friend was the summer of 2007 and he lost his hat on the subway. It was some World War II hat that was really old and meaningful and he was upset and I felt embarrassed by my city, like it was an untrained dog that ate a guest's hat.

Our relationship consists mostly of him chatting to my away message when I'm online and have an away message up because I don't feel like replying sometimes. And then I read the chats and still don't respond. He likes it that way, I think. I do too.

I don't necessarily have to see you to know that you're there. Sometimes I like it that way.


adam said...

it beats me, but i do not know

Pippie LaRue said...

I used to keep a journal of letters that I wrote to people. Never sent, just written with them as the addressee. I think it's cathartic to express in some way those things 'you're not supposed to say' to people.

Although this guy is actually saying things to you...it's like he's going into a confessional.