February 12, 2010

howl growl scowl

Just in case you were thinking I did not have a band...

So we've got our demo in order. After much agonizing over mixes from Ivry, I said to him, "Listen, Ivry. You need to stop. Just STOP. And start groovin' for Christ's sake!"

He grooved, alright. He grooved all the way to the internet.
And then we put these demo tracks on that internet. For you!

In case you are too lazy to click on that link above which leads to another space (although I encourage you to do so and to be our "friends" on there), I shall entice you with two of our most recent recordings.

 Here are some demos. We made them ourselves!


"Heart of Steel"

This is what we look like recording according to my cameraphonecamera.


Pippi Deschanel said...

Deja vu! Same song twice, babe...but even better the 2nd time 'round.


HolyshitiLoveyou said...

Crap, fixed it! Thanks for the memo.