February 5, 2010

it's better to have loved and lost and that's about it

I picked up this book in the "new titles" section in the St. Marks Bookstore this afternoon. Skimmed some pages and thought it was a larf. Haven't read entertaining fiction in a while so I took it up to the register to buy it before I second guess the purchase (which I do all the time) so I can finish reading it.

I placed the book facedown on the counter, thinking I'm being courteous so the guy can scan the barcode that's on the back. He picked it up, looked at the cover for a moment and then turned it over in his hand to scan it.
"Belive it or not, the girl who wrote this use to work here when she was a student at NYU," he says.

I already feel flustered because I'm buying a red book with a pink heart on it and no matter what I'm reading, if it has a cheesy chick-lit looking cover and chick-lit sounding title, I am slightly embarrassed. This, from a girl who read all four Twilight books just to see what the big deal was (I get it you guys!).

Now I'm just staring at it and its scarlet-letter red cover and its hokey mixed typography sitting on my desk and thinking to it, "I can't take you anywhere!"

This is my ashamed "I just bought a chick-lit book and I liked it" face.

Yes, it's called I Don't Care About Your Band.
Yes, the title grabbed at my plucky tightly-wound heartstrings.
No, that isn't Kathy Griffin on the cover.

This will be a bedside read.

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