February 14, 2010

mouthful of diamonds

I saw Phantogram at Mercury Lounge last night. Here's a video of them performing my favorite track. You can only really see their silhouettes, which is a shame because you are missing out on the edgy front woman's spastic "I'm really so into this I'm totally on an elevated astral plane in my head and no one can touch me here" kind of dancing as she jammed on the keys/synth. She was wearing those black "liquid" leggings made notorious by American Apparel and a bodycon blue tank top that probably could've doubled as a minidress that would make Posh Spice proud.

Oh yeah. I was taking mental notes.

At one point a male audience member shouted in between a song, "I love your pants!"
And band dude asked, "You love our parents? Whose parents?"

At another point, a really annoying girl in an extremely stupid shirt meekly made her way to the very front by side stepping the boot I deliberately planted, attempting to spread out and save Ian's spot when he went to pee. When I didn't accommodate her intrusion in trying to fit into a space like a whale in a cupboard, she turned to me, dimly smiled and said, "I like your glasses."
She spent the rest of the show looking behind her and waving to a friend behind Ian and I and it was probably the closest I've ever seen Ian to inaugurating a Fight Club on anyone's face. I would've had his back.
This is why I don't go to see live music more often.

Phantogram was great though. I heard about them about 2 months ago and up until seeing them live, I've noticed that the more known they become the edgier the front woman's hair becomes, and the more ambivalent-looking the dude is. My prognosis was that they're like Chairlift and Blond Redhead's love child. It ain't a bad combo at all.

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