March 27, 2010

Choose your own madventure

I was invited last night to see Nada Surf perform at The Bell House by a friend of mine who is friends with the band. The perk of this is getting to go backstage. The perk of which is getting to eat all their snacks. Which I so did.
Not having really been familiar with the band beforehand, except for the last time the bassist (who's my neighbor) cooked stuffed ravioli with porcini, prosciutto and truffle oil for dinner, and then I ate it and died a thousand times since it was just so so delicious I wasn't sure life had anything more to offer me in terms of living.
But yeah, the show was good. I knew one song.

There were so many snacks. It was a good night.
Everyone I met there who was either performing or friends with the band, my invite chastised me for not knowing who they were.
What can I say? I live in a bubble.

The one song I knew, it was this:

Always Love

Barsuk Records | MySpace Music Videos

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(oh)joneses said...

ha, i love these guys. seems to be my luck with them- a friend of mine that doesn't know them always gets to see them play while i sulk at home about it all.

p.s. magnolia is overrated. am i right?