March 30, 2010

no country for old bands

The stretched ribbing on this Hanes men's undershirt I printed on makes my boobs appear bigger.
Just sayin!

Inspired by mad love for Julie Klausner


Anonymous said...

I agree the print does make your boobs look bigger.
I love your blog, at first I was like "holy" so many words to read when I expected a fashion picture blog but I started looking back and actually reading your entries- your style of writing was quaint, amusing, and delightful. I love your vivid dreams and the stories about your random encounters with strangers, acquientances, old friends.. with a twist of awkwardness, attitude, wisdom familiarity, and self-reflection I see in my life. You seem to attract them, yet you usually have a witty/quirky comeback or approach in those encounters. Whereas, I fail and laugh nervously or try to make a quick painless exit. I'm from around California, and people here usually mind their own business but I've had moment like these that don't end up as amusing tales, partly because I'm socially inept and small talk doesn't seem as much as a necessity as it is frivilous, a front of being friendly instead of cold, and the expectation of being social.
Anyways, I like your perspective; thanks for sharing the tidbits of your life.

HolyshitiLoveyou said...

This is the most in-depth compliment on my blog ever. You win! Thanks so very much!