March 9, 2010

peep pop and you don't stop

I visited Etsy's craft night in DUMBO, Brooklyn because Simone just started working there so why not show moral support? And why not get to paint teacups and saucers like a bunch of 5 year olds?
As a non-athletic child with no muscle mass to speak of, let alone "team spirit," and kind of a timid mousey nature to boot, Arts & Crafts was my favorite thing to do pre-puberty.
Reminds me of the days I would hide in a corner reading Goosebumps and Animorphs books during lunch recess so I didn't have to talk to anybody! Some things never get old.
Except now I'm much more socially amenable.
And I swear a lot more. Like, a lot.

This should go straight into the museum of my mom's china closet that displays all her other fancy breakables as well as the retarded kid crafts I made when I was small.

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