March 3, 2010

watch me ramble!

Ok so there's this lady on the internet with Mia Wallace hair who I think is pretty adorable. She runs this boy crazy blog called I too am boy crazy but most of the time I'm kind of just lazy about it, and suffice with ogling all the cute hipsters on the L train.

I saw a video post she made asking about the shelf life of L-U-V and I felt compelled to respond. Why? Because I obviously think I'm the authority on stuff like telling people what to do with their brains and their hearts. The result of which ostensibly is me just kind of rambling on and on about something I don't even know what I'm talking about and then holding Mochi hostage up to the screen.


Pip and Circumstance said...

You're so cute in that- and so is moch.

Gimme dat shurt.

DJ Berndt said...

Very much so.

Erin said...

Just happened upon your blog and I love it...have been reading through your posts and they're all so fashionable...! Will definitly be back!

Love love love,



TRONMomma said...

Good Gravy that rabbit is the most insanely cute creature EVER....I mean it is painful how dang adorable Mochi is....

and good call on the response.