April 3, 2010

dead tomatoes tell no tales

Sometimes the graffiti on subway posters is funny.
And after seeing this stretch hummer limo, I deducted that stretch hummer limos kind of void the purpose of limos. If the purpose of limos is to be classy and elegant. It's like a sedan and several minivans in one vehicle.  

Henry and I started practicing for YOTT. Our setup is minimal and considering my roommate just moved out, we used his huge bedroom as a rehearsal space. There's so much street noise, it at least adds variety to the reggeton and hip hop blaring from SUVs down below.

Umm and also despite how much I listen to our mixes, I cannot remember lyrics for the life of me. It's Shy Ronnie all over again!

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pipperoni said...

Henry looks super cutes there...grrr...