April 16, 2010

throw some Dijon that bitch

Last night I was really tired after riding a bike 2.7 miles (according to Google Maps) and uphill (Brothers lied to me) to drop it off at a friend's place who promised to fix said bike. Yeah, the bike was kind of broke too. Also my ear sinuses for whatever clogged right up when I started riding (too much wind/adventure?) so I couldn't hear anything in my right ear.

When we got there, I was
a) Out of breath
b) Sweaty
c) Hongry
d) All of the above.

Nobody I texted would make me a sandwich so I resorted to the internet.
Apparently, no one on the internet wanted to make me a sandwich either.

One LOL response before Craigslist flagged the shit outta that. Dag.
Why is Craigslist hatin on my sandwich craving?

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