May 25, 2010

Q: Are you nervous about your show?

Yes and no. Mostly yes.
I'll probably be having a coronary round 9:50pm. That said, I hope y'all attend!

Spike Hill in Williamsburg at 10!

Q: Have you listened to the other bands on the bill of your first show?

Yes, Henry and I Googled them during our pre-show rehearsal/omlette-fest. Considering we didn't know who were sharing a bill with until the day of, when I walked past the place on the way home and saw them written on the chalkboard thingy outside.

It was good dining tunes.

I also realized the line up was a total sausagefest (not necessarily a bad thing).

Q: so tell me, do they have guns?

Do you mean guns like biceps or guns like firearms?

I'm going to go with yes they do, and I think my dad does somewhere. Somebody's dad does. Somewhere.


It's our first show tonight in Williamsburg at some relatively divey bar and I could not be more ambivalent! No but seriously, I feel like I'm preggo going through bouts of anxiousness, excitement, happiness, nonchalance, forgetfulness, and then hunger. In that order, pretty much. And it's cyclical. Fun!

This is the closest I get to bipolarity. I feel like the Discovery Channel. 

Oh AND I got a random call from a casting lady (I don't know how they still find me) yesterday to audition for a Nickelodeon show today to be the mean badass girl in high school. I think she might be evil too? But like evil-evil, not like Regina George evil.

"18 to play 16" is what the description said. Um... I don't know, you guys. It also referenced Julia Roberts, Megan Fox, and Emily Blunt in terms of charisma, looks, and wit respectively for this character. But they want her to be some sort of ambiguously ethnic non-white girl... who acts like a white girl. WHAT?

I'm old. I even have a degree. And no amount of makeup is going to make me look less than 23. Aside from glitter. And my face has a fairly strict No Glitter policy.

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