May 27, 2010

Don't quit your Doe job

So it was 1am and there was something on TV that I wasn't watching (I think it was King of the Hill) and so naturally I was neglecting sleep in favor of browsing ze web. Through some extensive portals of link-clicking most likely starting from FFFFOUND I came across this gorgeous gig poster for Yeasayer and Sleigh Bells.
I'm obsessed with gig posters and this one is pretty great, is it not? I mean, come on, it's an "exploding" head! And you know, I don't even give a what about Yeasayer (honestly I just never got around to listening), but I adore Sleigh Bells. I consider them head-exploding material for sure.

So anyway, some quick sleuthing led me to the site of its designer, Eric Nyffeler. And okay, I was a little bit really kind of in luff with what I found. Running under the moniker, Doe-Eyed, Eric makes some really sick gig posters as well as illustrations and posters for other stuff too. Also, he's a musician!

And I thought to myself, those are all things I am/kind of do/would like to do more of (by which I mean doe-eyed, graphic design/screen printing, and music, respectively). So I figured I'd ask the man for a formal brain-picking session. Someone who does that for a living would call it an "interview."
Eric was kind enough to ichat with me about his going-ons with Doe-Eyed, music, and Nebraska (that place where he lives). 

This is what Doe-Eyed says about him:
Doe Eyed is a collection of the visual works of Eric Nyffeler. Based out of America's fabled Heartland (more specifically, Lincoln, Nebraska), Eric finds inspiration in playing loud music, pet cats, insomnia, competitive drinking, shortcuts and detours, and sassy girls. Strictly a print designer and staunchly anti-advertising, Eric tends to rarely take anything seriously.
Eric plans on continuing to screen-print posters, meeting a dog he can actually stand, and deserting graphic design completely in the off-chance his rock-n-roll dreams actually come true.

Clearly, I wasn't satisfied, so...
Here it is-- modestly edited for out-of-ctrl sass levels as well as some tangents, but pretty much verbatim, typos and all!

[Eric is the disgruntled-looking square and I'm the bunny on the right side, natch.]

Decided to end the transcript on a good note. Way to go!

I asked Eric to send a screen shot of his desktop.
Fig 1:

Eric Nyffeler/Doe-Eyed is the first in a series of interviews 
I intend to do for DQYDJ (aka Don't Quit Your Day Job), 
a new feature in which I basically harass/interview 
inspiring folks who do things I want to be doing.

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haha, you are awesome.