May 12, 2010

Formspring 002

Sable! Will You Follow me on Formspring? -Joshua

There's a big sky, it's baby blue, expansive, few clouds...but cold, frigid. Despite my mood I feel light, like the last week of summer before school-pensive, romantic, fit. I'm in love with you, I've been since we first met. What should I do?
Stop it, Joshua. Srsly.

I'm moving to Brooklyn in September for school. I'm a 24 year old girl. Can you give me some suggestions for cool, safe, and sorta affordable areas to look for an apartment? 

For safety, you wanna stick to the gentrified portions of BK. Which generally does not equate with cheap, but by no means is out of your range necessarily. Williamsburg or Greenpoint is a good portion. It's no more than 10 minutes from Manhattan and it's where all the hip young arty, musical style-conscious (and lots of times meat-conscious) folks flock. It's often a big party, and for the most part babe city.

But if you're schooling in BK you're better off just moving to the neighborhood your school is in. Are you going to Pratt? In that case, Clinton Hill or Fort Green is your destination. For the most part they're all lovely old-timey, cute brownstone buildings and tree-lined streets. But it borders with some dicey neighborhoods (avoid Bedstuy) and is off the G train, which is notorious for terrible service.

Park Slope and Prospect Heights are quite nice-- lots of young professionals and families live there. Quaint quiet neighborhoods, definitely safe, kind of on the pricey side though.

Bushwick AKA "East Williamsburg" is hit or miss. The classic Realtor misnomer to fool out-of-towners to think they're moving into hip Williamsburg when they're really in the middle of an industrial no-man's land. Anyplace off the JMZ train or the L train past the Montrose stop is definitely Bushwick. You can find a nice space for not very much, but it's not worth it if you have to walk more than 10 minutes to the train station. I lived there for a year and it was just okay-- wouldn't do it again though, personally.

All in all, just check Craigslist and you can type in the max you're willing to pay. Lots of times you can find cheap sublets in good neighborhoods. I don't know what your range is, but living in NYC isn't cheap by any means however that doesn't mean that you can't make it work with just a bit of sleuthing. Where/why are you moving from?

Thanks for the advice, I don't know the city well... I'm moving to NY from Boston to go to New School, so hopefully looking for somewhere with an OK commute time to that area. 

Awesome! I think New School has a bunch of satellite buildings/campuses around Manhattan. If you find out which buildings you'll be frequenting and try and live someplace off the train line that goes there, that's always a convenient option. Good luck with everything!

do you regret anything that you did in college or the way you treated people? 

I probably would regret not taking more classes in different fields, or anything. Only my last year did I get into silk screening. I wish I had taken more music and graphic design classes.

Purchase's social scene can be quite cliquey and irreverent and taking cues from that is easy but not necessarily an okay thing to do. That being said, any discrepancies I've had with anyone from college I've always made sure to be a big girl and settle my scores before too long. But apparently not, maybe...?

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