May 21, 2010

vaguely nihilistic non-smoking time burgular seeks same

This song sounds like how I feel about guys who I would like to meet, but then when I do, realize that they aren't at all that dude I had in mind. Not at all.

I want to always look this glamorous when I'm unconscious. 

 And this photo never fails to cheer me up when I look at it. Never.

I bought 4 pairs of jeans for the price of 1 at a Cheap Monday sample sale. Which felt good because nothing feelings better than Savings. But I also thought to myself, "you don't need 4 pairs of pants. This is crazy." And I wondered what made me think that buying 4 pairs of pants I don't need was an okay thing to do.
Then I realized that they were playing Lady Gaga really loud and that might have had a hand in evoking that frenzied feeling of consumption. Because even after I left, strolling up Broadway, I was like "Man, now I want to eat a lot of stuff. And cut my hair in an asymmetrical way. And dance a lot. And wear all these pants!"
Yup, Gaga strikes again.

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