June 26, 2010

pies & thighs

I read this Swedish chick's fashion/Swedish lyfestyle blog. I don't know why really, she has a quirky style I guess for someone who dresses in mostly basics, otherwise it's mostly just party photos of her and other ambiguously good-looking Swedish chicks making kissy faces at party photogs.

Then I was like, OH that's why I read your blog. Because she's a cute girl with a bangin body who wears a lot of things similar to what I own in an unexpected way. No homo.
And thighs that don't touch. What's it like to have thighs that don't touch? I wouldn't know.

1 comment:

Jennifer C said...

My thighs have touched for as long as I can remember. I also wonder what it would be like to have thighs that didn't touch.

I really really enjoy your blog, Sable (: