July 25, 2010

lady or the tiger

Yeah so this photo was (poorly) taken right before we went to town on The Bell House, last Wednesday night. We are getting amped up in the dressing room! Take note of how well Henry is wearing a Year of the Tiger t-shirt I printed just for him.
Look at those chains! I’m in fashion jail.

Just in case you were ever wondering, this is precisely what I pack for a show:

- Feather accessories (for magical powers)
- gum (always prepared for smooching/ close talking)
- deodorant (duh)
- waterproof mascara (so important)
- gold tiger-print stretchy pants (Completely essential)
- hair product (JIC [just in case])
- HARIBO (comfort food)
- lighter (for ballads)
- telephone (to text people angrily as to their whereabouts/ angrily give directions)
- ipod (for impromptu DJ sets as well as my vocal warm up exercises)
- ear plugs (never actually end up using them, but I feel responsible just by having them readily available)
- pocket-size notebook (how’d that get in there)

The show was so much fun and Great Tiger and Brothertiger were both so amazing, and not to mention, really cool dudes. Another show, another successful sausage-fest…

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