July 7, 2010

mane event

On a whim, I let Henry convince me to get a haircut with him. We both get our hairs cut at the same salon in Chinatown. I'd been going there since I was 16 and turned Henry onto them last year.

Relenting under the sentiment that it had been at least 4 months since my last trim, I went. I sat in the chair and Suzanna handed me the latest issue of Elle to peruse as she went to town on my head with a pair of shears. I get my hair cut maybe 3-4 times a year and I try to reserve going for when I'm going to get more than just a trim, that way I feel like I get my money's worth with a new look. I had been pondering bangs for a while since they're the simplest way to differentiate without chopping off massive length.

A feature on bangs and something-something rock and roll convinced me. But I think I was just looking for an excuse. As soon as my mane was blow-dried, I pointed to a picture of Jane Birkin and said "Actually, I think I'm gonna go with some bangs." How thrilling!

And then I went home and tried to "fix" them and ended up cutting off too much. And now I look like I let a 5 year old attack my head with safety scissors. Bollocks.

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