July 6, 2010


 recommend me your favourite book? orrr...make a list of your favourite books?

I have a few favorite books. But I'm going to talk about this one:
I just read Julie Klausner's I Don't Care About Your Band, which was muy hilarioso. It's kind of like He's Just Not That Into You but way better because it tacks on a "but he was kind of a tool anyway" at the end of that (I have never actually read HJNTIY because it was written by a gay dude I'm pretty sure, and I don't need a book to tell me if a dude is into me or not).

But otherwise here are some other books I have enjoyed:

- Kiss Me Judas by Christopher Baer (super sexy noir spy crime thriller/urban legend about an ex cop who goes on a cross country hunt for the woman he spent the night with who stole his kidney)

- A Home at the End of the World by that dude who wrote The Hours (Don't watch the movie version. Don't doooo ittttt). I lent my signed copy of this that I actually got signed myself and didn't just buy it from Barnes&Noble with an "Autographed" emblem stickered on it to a fling two years ago and never saw it again. Serves me right I suppose.

- Harry Potter (all 7, but probably the 7th best)

- Animorph series (Childhood fave/secret fantasies of shape-shifting abilities)

- Now is the Hour by Tom Spanbauer. This rhymes when you say it. I read this book while getting into Sufjan Stevens' Illinoise and Michigan albums and I'd say it enhanced the experience greatly.

- I use to read a lot of Chuck Palahniuk in high school but it put me in a moody mood. I still think he's a sharp writer though.

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