August 10, 2010

We Used to Wait

I need to tell you how much this was the best show I HAVE EVER been to. 
And this song with this performance just brought a bitch TO TEARS.

Tickets to see Arcade Fire at Madison Square Garden was the best birthday gift I never asked for or even knew I wanted.

This song is probably my favorite on their new album and they did this for the encore which was a big PHWEW on my part since I was anticipating it all night. I can't tell if her voice is really bad or really good, but either way you can't ignore it.
It's a beautiful song to begin with, but considering the apropos relevance to my own life at the moment, I can only appreciate wailing vocals upon wailing vocals.

Also the cutest thing at 2:06 that I didn't catch seeing it live since I was probably 100 yards away. I learned Arcade Fire was started by a husband-wife duo that somehow grouped to no less than 7 musicians. Dag.
That is the Canadian dream is it not?

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DJ Berndt said...

That's so awesome.