September 23, 2010

crooked perspective

I've been marathon-watching Skins and after season 3 I've been sufficiently brainwashed into thinking asymmetrical bangs are not only okay but belong on my head. In a late night whim, belly full of fish burrito, I grabbed my shears and snipped away. Let's see how annoying this gets within the next week...

On a related note, if you can figure out a method for decision-making that doesn't ultimately leave me full of anxiety and hating/kicking myself I would like to hear it!

It's Sweather*, everybody!

(*=Sweater Weather)

1 comment:

Simone said...

my way of making decisions is to see the pros of each side. if you have pros on each side then no matter what you choose you'll win.

second method: flip a coin. i seriously do this.