September 10, 2010

linguine dreams

Look at this blouse with a leather bib thing!
I am now free to eat all the saucy dishes with virtually no consequences. In fact the only consequence will be how cool this blouse is. And how much spaghetti I'm gonna go to town on. Which I guess does yield some consequences... Hmph.


Simone said...

totally cute! leather is totally your thing.

Unknown said...

thanks for the laugh i had been looking for on my various blogs.
really needed a laugh !
looking fwd to MOAR noncliche leatherisms from hlyshtilvyu soonish.

p.s. what do u think of this guy ?
i like his portrait of , is it zoeey deshanel?. I guess he is a famous photographer/photoshopper?
our leather made me think , you shouldve been a subject in his work, with spaghetti clinging like vines!
laterz, Darrell\Bronx

Unknown said...

the guys info didnt show, i will try again Chris Anthony of Chris Anthony one section is all leathery , goth , grey paisley wallpapers red velvet , etc and yet ORIGINAL, tho his older work is just Joel Peter-Witkin Ripp Offs