October 5, 2010

we burn like gold on fire

Here's a few choice shots from our Union Hall show this past Saturday. We hadn't played in a bit over a month and I totally gave myself whiplash from head-banging so hard. My upper shoulders and neck are still way stiff and sore. I need to remember to limber up before performing now.
My coworker who moonlights as a fashion designer lent me a couple pieces for the show. That shell-sequin thingy and this mesh-striped halter as well. It was my poor discretion that believed those pleather shorts could contain my thighs. Never.

Anyway, the show was a blast despite Sky Ferreira's band of pretty boys bogarting our ENTIRE soundcheck as well as their own. The whole hour and a half for a pitiful 20-minute set that was mostly all backing harmonies anyway. That's what gets signed to major record labels these days. And they wonder why the music industry is suffering...

This old dude who looked a bit like Richard Simmons if Richard Simmons let himself go was dancing so crazy he puked and was promptly escorted out of the venue after our set. I think that's the proudest I've been of YoTT.

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