October 29, 2010

Work ethic

This is what happens when I have to get something done.

First, I'll write it down in my agenda. My agenda is really just a floppy Moleskine graph paper notebook that I traced through to make calendars and weekly planners. So now it's in there. This thing I have to do. A work-type thing generally.
When the day arrives that I've allotted to get this thing done, I will wait probably until late afternoon/evening time to actually sit down and do it. I'll sit at my computer and think to myself, "Okay, time to do this thing I said I would do!"
And then I'll check my email. And then I'll check Facebook and my blog roll. I will spend about 30 minutes reading blogs. And Facebook updates. And penning email responses in between Safari windows.

Okay, that's doneish. Now it's time to get a glass of water. Or tea maybe. While I'm at the fridge I'll get a baby carrot for Mochi and feed him that baby carrot. And then I'll probably watch him eat it and pat him on the head. And then I'll pick him up and watch his mouth, still chewing like the Cadbury bunny. When I put my face close to his face he shrinks his face into his neck in bunny-repulse. I press my forehead against his as a gesture of trust. Mochi licks my nose. I put him back in his cage and return to my computer. I check my mail again. I open up a blank PSD. I look at ffffound.com and probably Lookbook for maybe another 30 minutes. I start googling the boots I was eyeing to see if Zappos has them or something. I will probably not buy those boots today.

Okay. Now I will get started. Finally! It will probably take me an hour before I crave a toast break. And then I'll repeat the same things I said before for another half hour and get back to it. And god forbid I get a text message, so help me. I will lose it. I will totally be distracted and possibly even leave my house and that is that. It's totally over.

This thing will get done tomorrow. Probably. Maybe.

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