November 9, 2010

one down

I'm probably going to end up with all three in my possession before winter is through. 
I wish elegant winter coats came in more colors than drab. I feel like I ought to note that these actually look better on the body than in these equally drab product shots, I totally promise. 

Also the fact that I am shopping for winter coats is exciting in the sense that I like accumulating more worldly possessions (don't even get me started on my footwear wish list), it is also muy depressing because IT'S EFFING WINTER YOU GUYS. 
Being cold sucks. But so does heater-induced nosebleeds. 

I feel like, I was supposed to have better news around now. Hmph... Consumerism! 


Anonymous said...

where is coat number 1 from? it's exactly what i'm looking for!

HolyshitiLoveyou said...


Anonymous said...

i bought it! it didn't suit me! bah :(