December 31, 2010

beginning of the end

It's the last day of the first year that actually sounds like the future. I couldn't be more indifferent.
I can honestly say I'm pretty sure I went through the entire year without crying (onions and other irritants aside). Is that weird? I mean, I guess it's good-weird. But still. Considering I'm not recalling any really gleeful moments of absolute joy and triumph that lasted for more than 10 minutes give or take.... I don't know, seems kind of weird to me. No extremes in either direction.

But hey, I did stuff. Doing stuff is important, people! I took risks and seized days and whatnot. I did so much stuff that I may have set myself up pretty well for a 2011 filled with emotions spanning between both polar extremes. In fact, I'm pretty sure I have. I have equal amounts of "gut" feelings telling me at this very moment that recent choices I've made are probably going to lead me to great things, as well as stuff that's probably going to come back to kick me in the ass.

I may not know where I'm going, but I know right where I am. I am okay with that, I think. I am an adult!

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