January 3, 2011

jet black and beyond repair

Why didn't anyone tell me about Alice Glass?!

I mean, you guys are supposed to be my friends, right?


  • Canadian teenage runaway 
  • At it in some noise punk band since 15 years old
  • Infamous for crazed show antics 
  • Two years younger than me (augh)
  • Asked about topping NME's 2008 Cool List, Alice Glass replied: "I'm flattered, thank you, but back in school the people who held themselves in the same regard were also the biggest waste of skin I've ever met," she explained. "Why did I get so many votes? My pact with Satan hasn't expired yet." And after NME asked whether being labelled cool is relevant, she answered: "Nothing matters. We're all dust."
Wow. Seriously? Just wow. 

I was too angsty at 14 to be that badass. But apparently, so was Alice. 

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Morgan Rose said...

never heard of her but she sounds great, i shall do some research

much love M

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