February 4, 2011

mouthful of probably my foot

If you look closely you will my find moppish head (and Henry's) jamming out/looking scared behind Phantogram on that Jimmy Fallon talk show. 

I was randomly selected via email drawing to see them perform on that show I said and stand in the "band bench", which is really just a set of risers placed behind the band to make the stage appear fuller or like more people care about this show. They made us sit through the entire taping of the show. How tedious...

But that isn't even post-worthy. What is, is the freakish cosmic serendipity that we happened to dine at the same restaurant as the band all the way in our neighborhood after the taping. I couldn't resist approaching Sarah and charming the crap out of her (read: geeking out over her band).

Why am I so inelegant?

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