March 9, 2011

everyone says i love you but

Taking into consideration all of the conversations I've been party to lately involving folks and their noncommittal emotive house-playing with tentative boyfriend-girlfriend types.... I felt compelled to log all of these lazy lover anecdotes on the internet. It's fun. Like some sort of premeditated Mad-Libs.
Jury's still out whether Twitter actually has a purpose beyond a word vomit receptacle. I will probably get bored with this soon.


DJ Berndt said...

hahaha, this is nice. I like this.

I don't think Twitter is a word vomit receptacle. I think it can be, if you tweet things like "just ate a sandwich", but I tend to unfollow people who do that.

DJ Berndt said...


"I'm just not ready to take it to Facebook. #iluvyoubut"


Wayne Stanton said...

Thanks great post.