April 6, 2011

You are a success if you get up in the morning and get to bed at night, and in between do what you want to do

Ok. I'm getting use to this whole short hair thing. 

On another note, here's a tin can cover of a Shirelle's song. I can't tell if I'm getting worse at Garage Band, or Garage Band is just getting hip to the times of shitty lo-fi-sounding tracks. Hm.


(oh)joneses said...

i love your short hair thing. you're going to hate it when it becomes the always-touching-my-neck-in-the-summertime length and that's when you have to chose sticking with it vs. commitment to length.

HolyshitiLoveyou said...

Hah, I'm already looking to biotin supplements to expedite the growth. Grass is always greener!