July 8, 2011

artificial gaze

On the hottest day of the summer thus far, I rented a bunch of terribly trashy movies to watch in the comfort of my air-conditioned apartment. Having just watched Sucker Punch, which was kind of awful (so naturally I effing LOVED it) with the heroine, aptly named Babydoll in a skimpy Sailor Moon getup and made up to look like a blow-up doll, I could take just one thing from that viewing: 
Must Have Lashes!

On an erranding run to Duane Reade in which B and I do girly things like smell hair products and purchase unnecessary cosmetics, I snagged a pair of falsies and after approximately 30 minutes of intense struggling... CHECK OUT THIS FUCKING DRAMA:

Less pornstar, more Bambi. My eyelids feel at least a pound heavier and I think these babies are actually supporting my overgrown bangs from poking me in the eye, like some sort of hair-scaffolding. 

How do I make this happen everyday without spending disgustingly gratuitous amounts of time gluing them to my eyelids? Extensions?! I might have to. I just might.

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Pipnocchio said...

Clockwork Orange!