September 9, 2011

Positive Negatives

I finally completed shooting the roll of film in the camera the Lomography store gave me back when Year of the Tiger played a really awkward in-store performance there last February. There were 75 exposures (several of which were inscrutable) illustrating moments from the last 7 months. I can tell which are more recent from how clear the shot is. Here are a few of my choice selections: 

It's odd seeing some scrappy barely comprehensible image of events that happened months ago and to suddenly recall them today, so acutely. I don't remember taking half these shots. Moments were had. At least, like four. Four moments.

When all is said and done, countless blurry/cropped prints will attest to the fact I am clearly a shit photographer who can't load film or compose a half-frame shot.
I am sticking to square format from now on!

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