October 14, 2011

Everybody always thinks they are right

I checked out the Stefan Sagmeister exhibit at Les Arts Decoratifs gallery, and it was pretty cool. I like that coffee table with compasses under glass, and custom espresso cups with magnets on the bottom so the needles all point to the cups. It's called Be Here Now, I'm supposing in reference to how when you're lounging around having a coffee with a pal in your living room, you should do so without distraction. 
The monkey hanging out of the building overlooking the Louvre Palace gardens is my favorite I think.

If you aren't familiar with him, you should look up Stefan Sagmeister. He's one of the most original graphic designers out there and his work is a favorite of mine. He even carved a poster into his body. Well, rather had an intern do it. It took something like 8 hours and hurt a lot. Talk about bleeding for your art-- dude is hardcore. 

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