November 24, 2011

fad romance

The worst deception was beauty-- that beauty and love are by nature mutually inclusive. The idea is that you will be okay with beauty being the sole redeeming factor. More often than not, you won't be. More often than not, it just isn't enough. At the very least, it upholds the principles of romance.

Was it love that I was in or romance? Romance without love just becomes vulgar with time. We were alright at it for a little while. Romantics make the best liars. They can really stomach their own shit.

This is the sort of nature of romance though. The element of surrender and blissful ignorance that is so essential to uphold its integrity--that represented in one person, is the notion that we are not all simply indifferent and self-serving creatures. That we could find a genuine and requited counterpart to our counter acts, regard them more highly than we regard ourselves and be happier better people for it. And even more fantastically, that it will last. Romance tends to have a complicated relationship with time.

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